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We live by the R.O.I. Philosophy. To us, it also means Relevance, Originality, and Impact. If a solution is relevant, but not original, it is just boring. If it is original but not relevant, it is just stupid. All solutions have to be both relevant and original to make an impact. We believe that simple ideas can become BIG ideas and achieve extraordinary results. This was true when we started the agency, and even truer today in an increasingly competitive world.

We dig deeper to get to know our clients more intimately before we create any solutions. How can you create something without knowing the client and their products and services intimately? It’s why our strategic and creative ideas are more compelling, on message, human and true to their brand. W BRAND is an independent, award-winning brand and communications agency located in Costa Mesa, California. We are a full-service agency delivering creative solutions across all media. Whether you need online or traditional marketing, social media, website development, SEO, brand strategy, naming, visual identity, logo development, interior design or video production, you’ll find it all here under one roof.
Size DOESN’T matter. It’s how well you use it. The small, creative shop W Brand Studio has been making big ad agency impact after only a few years. The agency has produced some outstanding work that has raised judges’ eyebrows at award shows nationwide. W Brand Studio is run by seasoned professionals who have won the coveted Lion in Cannes, received awards from all major award shows, judged CLIO Awards, and taught interface design at the American Film Institute (AFI).

“Awards are important and we are excited about how many we’ve won so far,” says Michael K. Wollner, President/Creative Director. “It shows that we are at the same level as the big multi-million dollar agencies. Every project we have submitted has won something. That’s more than I can say as a Creative Director at any of the big agencies for which I’ve worked. Kudos to our fantastic clients who believed in us.”

During the first years in Orange County, the unknown, surprising, ninja-like agency has won the trust and business of numerous companies such as California Business Bank, Coastal Heart Medical Group, CarPark, The Edmon Restaurant in Hollywood, Renew Landscape Management in Bixby Hills, Pure Elements Water, Sentry Control/SKIDATA, Pacific Resource Recovery, Shigeru Kawai and others.

W Brand is a full-service branding agency, and with our Scandinavian design background, we think differently. If you love simple and clean designs with a powerful marketing message, give us a call.
Michael Wollner is CEO and founding partner of the agency, but he’s much more than the “W” in W Brand. He is personally involved with every client. As a graduate from Westerdal’s School of Advertising and the Institute of Marketing in Oslo, Norway, he thinks differently about design and marketing. Michael continued his career in some of the world’s best agencies, such as Ogilvy, DDB Needham, and Benton & Bowles. During his almost four decades in advertising, Michael has worked with some of the most recognizable brands like American Express, California Special Olympics, MIELE, Guinness Book of Records, Marriott, Yamaha, Olympus, Xerox, Apple, Disney, and many more.

Michael has been a judge at the CLIO Awards, which honors excellence in advertising and celebrates bold work that propels the advertising industry forward. He spent two years teaching interface design (UI/UX) and illustration at the AFI (American Film Institute) and has been a panelist at the first Hollywood Film Festival, a presenter at MacWorld, and a featured speaker/panelist during the 2008 Lodging Conference.

He is a multiple award winner at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Awards, New York Festivals, the Cannes International Commercial Film Festival, AVA Awards (Association of Advertising and Communication Professionals), Hermes Creative Awards, and more. You are in good hands with Michael and his team of professionals at W Brand Studio.