W Brand Studio, The Orange County Underdog Agency Wins Again With Platinum, Gold, Silver And Bronze Awards In First Quarter 2017


Newport Beach, CA, April 21, 2018 - Size DOESN'T matter. It's how well you use it. The small, creative shop W Brand Studio has been making big ad agency impact after only a year and a half. The agency has produced some outstanding work that has raised judge eyebrows at award shows nationwide. W Brand Studio is run by seasoned professionals who have won the coveted Lion in Cannes, received awards from the New York Festivals, judged CLIO Awards, and taught design at The American Film Institute.

Hermes Creative Awards, a part of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, writes on their site about W Brand Studio, "What was hot yesterday may be out-of-style today. Some companies not only keep up with the evolution of website design but set the standard."

"Awards are important and we are excited about how many we've won so far," says Michael K. Wollner, CEO. "It shows that we are at the same level as the big multi-million dollar agencies. Every project we have submitted has won something. That's more than I can say as a Creative Director at any of the big agencies for which I've worked. Kudos to our fantastic clients who believed in us."

During the first year in Newport Beach, the fairly unknown, surprising, ninja-like agency has won the trust and business of numerous companies such as California Business Bank, Coastal Heart Medical Group, CarPark, The Edmon Restaurant in Hollywood, Renew Landscape Management in Bixby Hills, Pure Elements Water, Sentry Control / SKIDATA, Pacific Resource Recovery, and Shigeru Kawai. Call us at (949) 955-2705 or email us for more information.

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