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We are Brand Consultants, Strategists, Marketing Professionals, Designers, Dog Lovers, great listeners and wildly creative

We understand the effect a great brand story can have on its audience, and we work around the clock with lots of coffee to produce a design that speaks volumes. We are a decades-old pure branding agency at the core, and since we are a full-service agency, we offer everything you can desire. Yes, even that exceptional coffee you never knew you wanted. Our clients are more famous than we are, but our people and experience come from the largest agencies on the planet.

We love working with startups and entrepreneurs, helping them achive their dream with an impressive visual identity and positioning in the market. We are passionate go-getters who will make sure that your vision comes to life boldly.

As a full-service branding agency, we specialize in brand strategy, visual identity, logo design, website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising, digital marketing, social media, interior design, TI, photography and video production.

Ready to make your brand bold?

Our expert brand strategy services include everything you need to identify and define the golden nugget, the unique idea, that will differentiate you in a crowded and competitive marketplace. We will create a brand identity for you that customers won't be able to forget. But the question is, are you ready to be bold?

We believe ideas can come from anywhere, so we are not focused on a specific industry. Our niche is branding. With a diverse background and expertise from thousands of different companies through almost three decades, we have more to offer than most. We have won some of the world's most coveted awards from the international commercial film festival in Cannes to Los Angeles, so there is no lack of creativity or accolades from our industry peers. Unforgettable? Bold? You will be.

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Visual Identity, Brand Identity, Or Corporate Identity.

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand. It includes your logo, corporate colors, corporate fonts, imagery, tone-of-voice in your writing, website, and physical assets like business cards, interior design, signage, and more. Consistency is vital for visual identity.
Why W Brand?
You will work with the best. We have no significant overheads, so we are very price competitive, and when it comes to creativity, we are second to none. We are the place where logic meets magic, where ideas, strategies, and data mix to create new and unique solutions. Since branding affects everything you do or say, we will look at your company as a whole, from your logo, website, printed materials, and marketing materials, to interior design, uniforms, and vehicle wraps. Are you still looking for a digital agency to become your long-term partner to help your business succeed online? Well, say hello then.


We are serious about your brand, are you? These are the steps we follow:
    • 1. Research. Before we start, we'd love to get to know you, your goals and your industry.
    • 2. Secondly, we will take a good look at your competitors.
    • 3. We perform a brand audit to see how your brand is perceived internally and in the marketplace.
    • 4. SWOT Analysis.
    • 5. Interview management, staff and customers
    • 6. Our strategists look for trends in the marketplace
    • 7. A Brand Alignment Strategy is developed based on the Brand Audit, interviews, and SWOT analysis
    • 8. We will develop a brand strategy, which includes positioning in the marketplace, messaging, brand architecture, brand promise, elevate brand storytelling and experiences, staying consistent through touchpoints, employee engagement, and more.
    • 9. Create a Visual Identity or Brand Identity, including Logo design, Corporate colors, Corporate fonts, Tone-of-voice, and Imaging
    • 10. Implementation of the Brand Identity, Website Development, Interior design, Exterior design, Uniforms and vehicles, Stationary, Sales Sheets, Presentation Materials, and Brochures

As a Google Partner, we also offer professional online marketing services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC management (pay-per-click advertising), and social media marketing. If you are looking for something different, you have come to the right place. Contact us today and see how we can help you differently than others.

Let Us Amaze You!
W Brand is a creative agency that thinks differently
Thinking different is key to building brands that stand out in the crowd. We specialize in Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Development, and Brand Implementation, such as Website Development, 3D and Interior Design. W Brand creates simple but engaging brands that are timeless. Trust us to do the job right. Literally, thousands of companies have trusted our agency since the 90s. Our senior professionals have decades of experience from major agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

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Our brand services goes beyond the standard list

brand audit brand strategy brand positioning brand messaging branding
We do all the traditional branding disciplines from Brand Audit, Brand Strategy, and Brand Positioning to Brand Identity and Brand Management. However, we do more than that. Consistency is part of our brand philosophy, so we extend branding to every aspect of your business, from how you answer the phones to your vehicles, uniforms, pictures, and furniture.

Interior Design is a significant part of branding, but not in the conventional sense. Branding is the basis for all our interior and exterior designs. Most interior designers can make any room look good, but not necessarily on brand. Through collaboration and in-depth consultation, we deliver expert branding, design, and brand communications services to help you achieve your potential.
How do you brand yourself?
The essence of a brand starts from within. It's a vision from the top management that needs to flow down to the person that sits at the front desk. Your visual identity, the interior and exterior of your building, and all communication, whether online or offline, need to reflect that vision. Allow W Brand Studio to unlock the real power, full potential, and exponential value of your company branding. Contact us today for a free phone consultation. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.
"We could never have made it to where we ended up without the branding expertise of Michael and his team."
"I had the pleasure of working with Michael and his team at W Brand during the design, construction and commissioning of our new location in Altadena, CA. Michael and his team have done a superb job trying to meet our requirements while keeping the cost within our allocated budget. They understand where we should and should not spend the money while trying to keep the overall theme ‘robotics/aerospace/high tech’ intact. Our new facilities look amazing and yet are very functional, which is critical to winning new contracts and staying under budget. W Brand bears my highest recommendations. Michael has also re-designed our logo and developed new branding – these were critical as we have been growing and acquiring new companies."

Kris Zacny, Ph.D.

VP, exploration technologies. HONEYBEE ROBOTICS

"Michael and his team masterfully guided us from the start to the launch of a sleek and sophisticated brand."
"We've been working with W Brand Studio for a little more than 6 years, and they've always exceeded our every expectation. They initially rebuilt a website for a client seeking a total makeover of an uninspired hotel. The new site proved to be instrumental in the rebranding of the hotel. And the results were swift, with the on-line booking pace accelerating rapidly within weeks of the go-live date. They stayed on budget and within the time frame. They absolutely captured the vision for our website and, ultimately, the business. Since then, we worked with W Brand Studio on the branding and launch of a new hotel on South Beach - Vintro. Michael and his team masterfully guided us from the onset, from the birth of the name, to the launch of a sleek and sophisticated brand and website. They hotel claimed a special place in a city where lifestyle hotels are so prevalent but many lacking in authenticity. We trust W Brand Studio; their team and work are phenomenal."

Robert Todak

Managing Director, Tailored Hospitality, Int.

"The Wollner team was professional and responsive to the client's desires in providing a comprehensive re-branding strategic plan."
"W Brand Studio embraced the difficult challenge of re-branding a 40-year-old "active adult" community with over 18,000 residents, and produced a product that is fresh, current, attractive and appropriate for the client. The new Laguna Woods Village logo, an elegant stylized green leaf, reflects the vitality and strength of the community. The Wollner team was professional and responsive to the client's desires in providing a comprehensive re-branding strategic plan. The final product was nothing short of perfection, and the presentation was outstanding. Thank you, W Brand Studio!"

Wendy Bucknum

CMCA, AMS, CACM, Government & Public Affairs Manager Professional Community Management, Inc

"We are extremely excited about our new direction and excited with what we have created with Michael's assistance and incite."
"As a regional Insurance Agency, we found the task of creating a marketing theme and identity nearly impossible. We had spent many hours searching for a marketing agency that helped us understand what we are about and what we stand for. Most people we spoke to never took time to understand what we are about and what made us unique. Every time a consultant was brought in it seemed that we were getting the same tired, retread options. After many frustrating meetings, I had the opportunity to meet through a mutual friend, Michael Wollner – and our marketing/identity process took off. Michael and his team spent time understanding the culture of Bowermaster and where we have been and where we wanted to go. He was able to get us to think out of the insurance box, which is not easy to do. He gained our confidence through incisive questioning conversation, and observation, which eased us into a decision-making process that, took all the factors we were concerned with in effect. No journey in recreating an image is without its rough moments. With Michael's insight and patience, we were able to get through these rough moments and turn them into learning experiences. I cannot say enough kind words on our dealings with Michael and the process. We are extremely excited about our new direction and excited with what we have created with Michael’s assistance and incite. If I can be of any assistance in understanding what Michael and W Brand Studio did for this agency, please don't hesitate to contact me personally."

Mike Bowermaster,

Bowermaster and Associates

Let us amaze you