Define your brand - first impressions are key.

Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of consumers. It's the experience someone feels when he or she interacts with your company online or in the real world. Therefore you have a new opportunity to improve the perception of yoru company every single time someone is in touch with your brand. Whether you're a retailer, a non-profit, or a business-to-business organization, you need to be able to answer the following: Who are we? What do we do? What makes us unique and different? And why should people care?

Users see what compenies don't. A way to shed light to a company is to cut through the noise and give the users three firm things clearly and efficiently: What your service or product does, examples of what you do, and why they should trust your brand. Presenting content that follows the form after function rule will yield the best impact. Don't underestimate the power of visual design as a differentiator.

So many company websites are centered around why the company or product is great. A more effective approach is to communicate how your company or product will benefit me. What value will I get? How will it make my life easier, better or less stressful? Tell those things in a simple and clear way.

For us, its simple. We make your company stand out in the crowd, we tell your story in an interesting and engaging way and we bring results to your marketing efforts in the form of more customers and sales.

Time to go under the microscope.

Whether it's a brand refresh or we're building a brand from scratch, it all starts with a brand audit. Is perception reality? This lays the foundation for developing a brand strategy. We'll analyze everything from your goals, vision, promise, message, and positioning. Then we ensure that your brand is consistent in every aspect of your business. Internally and externally. Online and off. From traditional advertising to digital communications, that's totally branding. That's W Brand Studio.

branding audit

Brand Audit

Time to dig deep. Do others see you as you see yourself? Are you consistent with your messaging and visual identity? We'll do the research necessary to uncover the status quo of your organization and its products and/or services.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Great brand strategies are deeply rooted in the organization's vision, its company culture, and its core capabilities. We'll apply our decades of proven skills in brand development to create a strategic platform that captures your brand's essence.

Brand Positioning


We'll develop the right strategy to position your company in the minds of your customers, create a brand promise for them, and encapsulate the company's vision for the future. From there, we'll discover that unique tagline that'll set you apart from your competition.

Visual Identity


Visual appeal is one thing, but intelligent design comes from a solid brand strategy. Once we bring your visual identity to life it'll connect to your customers and excite your employees.