Engagement is essential in social media marketing.


It takes a lot to keep up with the social media landscape, but our social media mavens can help. We'll determine the best social media strategy for you and figure out where, when, and how to reach your target audience. First we create a content calendar and then decide how many posts per day or week are needed to reach our goal. From there we deploy social media tracking and management systems to monitor the updates while maintaining a strong and consistent presence. For lead generation we create engagement ads linked to gated landing pages-the most vital part of any social media strategy.

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Social media best practices. Nobody does it better.


With the constant increase of online users and posted content, social media etiquette and best practices are becoming more important every day. Just like with branding, character counts. Be yourself, genuine, and truthful. Have an interest in others and never use social media to sell. That's what advertising is for. Let us research and test what kind of posts would work best for your content. Then we'll monitor what is resonating with your audience for an optimal social media presence.

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Social Strategy

Before we start liking, tweeting, and posting all over the Internet, we need to create a plan. It starts by auditing your current social media status. Then we'll define the purpose, clarify goals, determine which social sites, when to post, and analyze your target market.

Content Calendar

After the strategy is in place, it's time to plan ahead. We'll carefully schedule any major events and regular posts then create a content strategy that fits your brand's personality. From there it's just determining what content to post and how often.

Lead Generation

Generating and tracking social media leads is extremely important. We can create a strategy that utilizes landing pages with gated content and forms, Twitter lead generation cards, and Facebook engagement ads.


Beyond using the analytics provided by each social media channel, we integrate Google Analytics goal and campaign tracking. This helps us to determine which ad content is creating the most leads.